Hi everyone, how fantastic of you to stop by! And I really mean that, it puts a big smile on my face when I check in and see I got visitors to my blog.  I sincerely and humbly, thank you. :)

About me…. Well, I consider myself to be a woman on a journey of healing and recovery who, despite all my ups and downs still believes in the goodness, kindness and sincerity of others.

What fuels me is inspiring others and being inspired, because as many of us have learned, it is in giving that we receive, and sometimes giving can be the sharing of experiences, strength and hope.

One of my goals throughout this process is to feel the very best that I can, as often as I can, shouldn't we all? We deserve it!   

Having experienced the symptoms of severe clinical depression and anxiety, my focus today and everyday is to stay well, maintain good mental health, triumph and thrive! 

Now, this is not always easy, and I certainly will not sugar coat it because honesty is super important to me and nothing disappoints me more than when the reality of things are minimize. It is a process, at least for me it has been, but I am pleased to say that it is well worth the journey.

I still experience depressive bouts and anxiety but sharing about it has helped me immensely. Also, meeting and interacting with others who have walked along similar paths as me has been rewarding.

To me nothing is more courageous and aides in the healing and recovery process than sharing our experiences with one another, In this way we know that we are not alone and we know we are understood by someone else. We also discover that we are strong enough to deal with our challenges. 

I know all too well how lonely and confused one can be when feeling so emotionally misunderstood, so when I am helping a person or two along the way, if even in the smallest of ways, That truly, brings joy and warmth to my heart and makes my journey even easier.


By clicking on my sponsored ads not only makes me happy, but also helps me keep my blog up and going so that I can continue to help myself as well as others. I know it's just a penny here and there, if even that much, but still makes me happy. Thank you:)

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