Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Free Feeling – Getting Things Done and Doing Away With Procrastination

Procrastination was a big character defect of mine; I mean things were literally falling apart in front of my eyes. Laundry was piled up everywhere in the corners of my home, dishes were not getting cleaned, important documents that came in the mail were not read and filled accordingly, my appointments of any kind were not being kept. 

Some would call it laziness and in some instances it probably was. Fear took a great part in it as well, fear of seeing things for what they were, which for the most part represented my life, messy, unmanageable and disorganized. Other times it was a bout of depression getting ready to set its course, make its mark and stay for a very long time.

For me procrastination pretty much meant my life being sent up into an uproar and in complete disarray and if I don’t watch out it can easily creep back in again. It is important for me to practice consistency along with having some form of healthy structure in my everyday living.

The one thing that is absolutely freighting about bad habits such as procrastination is when it gets a grip on you; it can be extremely difficult to break free. At least that’s how it can be for me. But the good news is it's not impossible.

Listed below are a few things that worked for me in breaking my procrastination habit.

If you look carefully and place trust in others you will realize that there are people near us that care about our well being and are ready to assist us in improving our lives. For me it was my best friend at the time. Every morning when I woke up, I would call her and she would give me a simple assignment. (We would called them assignments) At times it was as simple as cleaning a single kitchen cabinet, opening a few pieces envelopes that came in the mail or taking a small walk around the neighborhood to get some energy and get my body moving.

After I completed an assignment I would call her back and we would move on to another assignment. It really helped so much to know that I had someone to count on. I’m pretty sure that even if she was not available, a therapist or relative would have been just as helpful, even an online program or a self help book. I’m a firm believer in that if you want a change bad enough and you’re tired of being tired like I was, you will find the help if you seek for it. It may take several attempts and some days may be better than others. But it eventually becomes part of a daily routine.

Just do it! If it’s good and healthy for you, Just do it, don’t think twice or you just might think yourself back into procrastination mode. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy; we allow our stinking thinking to get the best of us. I was told long ago that when negative thought begins to creep in I should move a muscle, in other words change a thought move a muscle. That particular advice always stuck with me and has also always worked. Busy helps…….that is healthy busy, the ones you set boundaries around so we don’t wind up being so busy we get frustrated, yet we are busy enough getting things done.

If you have a setback that's okay just get back on track, stand firm and move forward. There are unlimited possibilities but often we limit ourselves to them because of our insecurities. Consistency is huge. Do it and be consistent. For me, at the end of the night or even at the end of the week, looking back and seeing all that I accomplished gave me a sense of freedom as well as freed up space in my head. My thoughts felt less tangled and I felt less anxious because I had one less thing to do or think about doing.

 When I really take the time to appreciate that feeling, I’ll call it “the free feeling,” I like it. I also like to remember it, that’s where self awareness takes place. Being aware of the free feeling and Identifying them with the completed task, enabled me to continue, simply because I feel good versus feeling anxious, not rocket science really, although it may seem like it when we are stuck in the procrastination zone. Something as simple as awareness, thought and productivity allowed me to move forward.

When completing a task, take your hand, reach out behind your shoulder and give yourself a few taps for a job well done, which would regularly be ignored and procrastinated over. If that seems silly to do, well then just say AWESOMEEEE….out loud.  Remember it does not have to be an all out “getting everything done today,” type of event. Especially if you are a notorious procrastinator like I was. Start small, remember it’s the little things that can be huge and before you know it, the big things won’t seem so big anymore.  

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