Sunday, November 1, 2015

No connection between Serotonin and Depression - More debunking - Mine and your thoughts.


Recently, a friend of mine started taking a mild SSRI and has noticed a positive effect in her mood. She states that her depression has lifted substantially and she feels much better. To quote her she said “ two weeks after being on the meds, I feel like I should have felt all along, I feel normal, like whatever’s been missing inside of me has been found and put in its place.” Along with that she posed a question to herself and shared it with me. “Is this what I’ve been needing all along?” “Is this what my brain and body was missing that would make me feel like I should have been feeling.”

Interestingly enough, I have never asked myself that question although, I have no doubt that finding the right medication and treatment has contributed to my well being as well as changes in life style have. I never actually dissected the chemical and biological aspect of it.

Being that my friend has never really had any major life altering, traumatic experiences that would cause her major depression like I have in the recent years that question left me pondering.

Her questions made me rewind the tape and think back to how I felt long before my actual traumatic experiences in my early 20’s, and How I felt when I was in my adolosencent years and had not yet experience negative life altering changes.

Looking back, I certainly had major depressive bouts at a very early age. Something was off in my younger years. I don’t think that there are many 12 year olds who are bed bound with feelings of sadness, hollowness or a lack of interest for things that many children at that age are.  It wasn’t until years and years later that those feeling coupled with bad life experiences ultimately riddled me with blackness knocked me down on my knees looking to dig a grave within my own hard wooden floor, that was of course until I found the right course of treatment to help me see the light.

So after speaking with my friend and asking myself the same question, I decided to do a little research online on how serotonin or a lack off has an influence on depression.

To my dismay I came across a couple of articles suggesting that a decrease of serotonin in the brain may very well not be behind depression. My reaction to this, Mmmmm, well then why did I as a healthy, adolescent with a relatively normal upbringing, without any past traumatic, life altering experiences suffer from which was likely some form of debilitating depression at that age, if indeed it was not related to some form of chemical imbalance in the brain?

Well, I haven’t come up with any definitive answers and I’m certainly not going to bend over backwards trying to find any, due to the complexity of the brain, add my deficit on all scientific logic.

What I will say in my experience with depression and of the many people who have so kindly shared theirs with me, Is that a lack of serotonin levels in the brain may very well be linked to depression for  some people, I am almost completely certain it is the case with me.

As with the experience with my friend as well as my very own personal experience. When beginning my course of treatment with an SSRI prescribed my mental health provider, I too began to feel better and less depressed. I began to feel as I should have felt all along, my interpretation of normal, my normal, that’s how I began to feel and gratefully feel now.

What is your thought on this?

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