Monday, November 16, 2015

Alcohol and Anxiety - The Double A

Alcohol and Anxiety

……..or is it Anxiety and Alcohol, is one a condition of the other? and if so in which order? Or perhaps they are partners in crime so to speak that feed off the debilitation that each one causes. It is as if they are in business together. Yet a business that is incorporated in the bowels of hell. For one debilitating disorder, a remedy is offered, and yet that remedy, comes with hidden side effects, or possible ramifications. The side effects being that there is perhaps a chance that the original debilitating disorder, in this case “anxiety”, almost “ reserves the right” to come back even stronger and more debilitating than before,…….before one reached for a remedy, a remedy in a bottle, available on every street corner across the USA, and the world abroad.

This cyclical revolving merry go round of emotions and terror has been the debate of the affiliated medical professionals, users, abusers, and psychological professionals alike. It is the which came first age old question, .The chicken or the egg. In my own personal experience it was asked of me by a psychological professional,….” When did alcohol become medicine, and not a social activity” This raised an eyebrow in my psyche and I clearly recalled when my alcohol use became primarily for the use of medication and in search of a way to suppress my central nervous system. It was at a time of extreme discontent and horror, and fear, and uneasy feelings.  

The magic elixir in a bottle, no matter the brand, type or color, was proving to be “effective” at relieving the aforementioned feelings.  THIS MEDICINE WORKED, and I did not need an appointment, or RX to obtain it. It was available at 8 am or at 11 pm or at 12 noon. It was ready for the taking, and graciously offered. So graciously in fact that after the first two, in a local “medicine cabinet/pub”,…..I was told after the first drink, form an immigrant Irishman, complete with a heavy brogue, that “this would get me my day going proper”. It certainly did, however what this “quack” did not inform me of was the fact, that I would keep coming back, over and over, because I would need his “magic elixir” to get my day going proper and fix a malady, behind the scenes, it is doing its work and making sure you need him over and over again, and such is the constant whirlwind of a self induced medication, readily available, without a RX, taxable on both the state and federal level and with a the ability and prowess to make it an absolute necessity,….it has entrapped you. It has become you, it is the oatmeal you once ate at 9am as a child to give yourself a push start in the morning, and it is the vitamin you took as a child. It is now your go to fix all.

So, in closing what  came first,….Alcohol or Anxiety, and why is the fix, not only a short term fix, but a “ masked fix”,….a fix that only comes back to knock on the door of your psyche and say “ hey remember me, just swallow and I can fix your malady today.”  But oh what a tangled weave this magic elixir weaves, as all along he knows, that soon enough, even when there is no malady or fixing to be had, or central nervous system to be suppressed, he knows, he knows very well, that he has the power to make your symptoms appear, and usually stronger than before. Mr. Magic Elixir is a very smart business man, not only is he a consumable, but he is a consumable that once a level of maintenance is not kept, this parasite, for lack of better words, has his “host” literally CRAVING for his presence inside of him to ease the pain.

Around we go in this horrifying, parasitic, cyclical chain of events of need, want, need, suppressed anxiety, rising anxiety,and REPEAT!

In my opinion this is the work of Lucifer, and his crew, and our governments around the entire globe, make it available.

Is it the revenue that it creates, that makes it so readily available? Is it big business? Have these SPIRITS manufacturers sold their souls to the devil?

So many thoughts and opinions. Some professionals claim that alcohol withdrawal, is stronger, and more painful than that opiate based concoctions….Again….why is this powerful substance available over the counter on every street corner in civilized world, and even in the uncivilized world as well.


By Guest Writer,

 Izey E. 


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