Sunday, April 6, 2014

Notes to self -- Jotting down general thoughts and sharing them with you.

In dealing with others, especially those closest to me, I am learning and doing. 

Think before I speak, ask yourself is it worth it?

Practice self care, go to support groups, therapy and positive fellowship it is going to help me move forward with more ease.

Remind myself that some are sicker than others, but I have a choice on whether I want to engage in the sickness or stay on the healthy path to recovery.

It is better to ignore with grace than to react with anger which will only create chaos and more conflict.

Remember back then I did not know what I know now.

Things are different, I’m different, my behaviors are different. And it does not matter if those around me are not, I am. And I can make a difference in the outcome.

I will not be the blame. I will not be held responsible. And only I can control that by setting healthy boundaries.

Do not expect, demand or wish for understanding, agreement, nor pity.

Accept things for what they are, have the courage to change the things that I can and look for understanding where others share their experience, strength and hope.

Remove myself from the negative, engage in the positive.

Keep my expectations of others low and mine high and realistically reasonable. But, don't settle for less. 

Never scream, latch out, nor use sarcasm, that only makes things worst.

I have no point to prove because that is nearly impossible to do with toxic people.

Keep the peace. It is better that way.

Go to my support meetings.
Include myself in supportive networks.
Most importantly never give up on myself.




  1. Have to do what is best for you, and yeah thinking before you speak can help one avoid some unpleasant situations haha

    1. Oh yes, though some weeks are easier than other's to apply it.

  2. Such an introspective post. I love all of these and I resolve to practice them daily :)

  3. Wow - I love this! All really great things to keep in mind.

  4. These are such wise words! I love "ignore with grace." Wow, do I need to practice that! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Awesome post Madison! You know what? I believe that there are times in life that we have to be downright selfish and not apologize for it.

    You are a beautiful person!! Big hugs . . . please keep in touch!


  6. These are all lovely thoughts to live by. I like the letting go of the negative and opening up to more positive. It is so easy to get in the rut of allowing negative to take over, but that is something I have vowed to let go of myself recently. It's a slow process, but it's definitely improving!

    1. Hi Theresa, it certainly is a process. :)


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