Sunday, May 5, 2013

Am I depressed today or just laid back, relaxing? Falling into a depression or not?

At one point during my recovery there were times, I could not differentiate a good day from a bad one, mostly due to the fact that I was depressed ninety nine percent of the time.

I've suffered for so long with this illness, that when I finally began to get better, I could easily make the mistake of thinking a lazy, laid back day, as well as procrastination, were symptoms of depression. Now that I have a better sense of self awareness, I have found that many times it was and is not.

For me to be able to tell the difference, it helps to be aware of  how long these so called laid back days or what ever you which to call them last. As well as how high or low my levels of procrastination, interaction with others, feelings of emptiness, intrusive thoughts and crying bouts are. And those are just to name a few.

Do you have days when you question whether or not you may be falling into a depression or are feeling depressed?

How do you differentiate your feelings and emotions from what is or isn't?


  1. Nah, when I am lazy most times it is because I want to be lazy.

  2. Yes, I have those days. When I want to sleep more, I have a hard time deciding if I'm really just tired--normally tired--or if I'm sinking into a depressive episode. In times like that, it helps to do what you do--look at the rest of my life to see what's going on. Am I very busy, so naturally more tired? Am I also feeling hopeless? Am I having crying spells? Sometimes I wish it were simpler, but I think it's good to be self-aware.

    1. Hi Tina, thank goodness for self awareness.

  3. Whenever am sad or depressed, I take my pen or my keyboard and start writing stuffs, or I take my DSLR and go out to shoot photos :)

  4. I do have those days sometimes yes...but I normally am able to not let it get me too down because I know it's temporary...

  5. I do have those days too. If I don't know how I'm feeling, I usually try to act okay until I feel better. If I don't feel better within a few hours or a day, then I know I'm going into a depression and deal with it however I need to.

  6. I don't get depressed easily... when I do, it doesn't last long. Most times I am just tired and need rest.

  7. Hello my journey, good rest is an absolute necessity and a crucial part of self care. Thank you.:)

  8. I thought it was a dream, but I was actually sleep walking, and running. I didn't want to take the medicine I was not familiar with, that my head shrinker wanted me to take. I ended up with bruises and bumps all over my body I was that scared. I still am, but my hands are not nearly shaking as bad. My teeth are no longer chattering like I am in full blown hypothermia. But I think I have some teeth fractures, and no $$ to fix them.

    Just read, share in the comment sections with those that will understand. (-:


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