Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A humorous moment with my doctor - Medication, diagnosis and humor.

I went to see my doctor two weeks ago and he gave me good news, he told me I was currently on remission from at least four out of five of my diagnosis, which is pretty cool. And yes, you did not read wrong, four out of five, that's right. Anyhow, besides the good news, I informed him how I have not been sleeping well at night, and although, I know my doctor is not quick to write out prescriptions for me, due to my history with alcoholism, under the circumstances I took a chance in asking him.. 

Now, the funniest thing happened during our little talk, as long as I've known my doctor, I think it's been a little over 12 years, well, it seems we have reached that physician to patient comfort level, because  when I asked him to write me a prescription for my insomnia, he was so funny, he turned to me and said, "look, Ms. O'Sullivan you are already on a shit load of medication, and I am not comfortable giving you anything else," I thought that was hilarious, I never heard my doctor use such language, he certainly caught me off guard. We both laughed, as I turned to him and said "Dr. do you realize you just said "a shit load of medication?"  It was a humorous moment.

After further discussing my mental health status, I accepted his unique response to my request and as I walked out the door, I gave it one more shot, "doctor, considering the shit load of diagnoses that I have, are you sure, you won't reconsider."  

How comfortable are you with your mental health related doctor or general physician?  


  1. haha sounds like your doctor sure knows you, mine is an asshole

  2. Funny response from your doctor! :-) I'm glad you feel comfortable with him. I really like my psychiatrist, too. I feel like I can be honest, and I believe he's honest with me. I trust him.

    1. I'm glad you have a nice relationship with your doctor. Thank you Tina!

  3. My psychiatrist and I don't have that kind of relationship. He intimidates me. Even though he's nice. I don't know what it is.

    My therapist, though? We joke all the time.

  4. Hi Madison,

    I know, where the heck is Gary? Finally, I'm here with one of my um highly sought after comments. On something like that :)

    That situation with your doctor is funny and fantastic. It's nice to see a doctor relax the role a bit and show an endearing human side. I have always had good rapport with my doctor's. Matter of fact, my appointments with doctors make Monty Python seem like serious drama!

    The most important aspect to all of this is you are upbeat about how things are transpiring in your life.

    Keep smiling, Madison.


  5. You're blessed to have a doctor that really cares about how many pills or what medication he gives you. Most would be happy to give you another pill and send you on your merry way. It's also good that you have a nice relationship with him too, as this always helps in assuring the patient that they can relax and speak freely.

    I'm so glad that you are in remission right now. It must feel nice to have a clear head, and be almost drug free for a while. I hope this lasts a very long time. Nice one Madison, a welcomed breakthrough.

  6. Great note. Super pictures! :)

    + Please visit our blogs. :)

    "Everyone needs to dissolve the mean time, not only in words."

  7. Aloha Madison,

    I've seen your very unique profile "logo" around the *Blogisfear* (as I call it :) and wondered what *that* was all about.

    Just saw you now over at Gary's, so had to come by to say hi!

    PS... glad you've got a positive relationship with the "shitty" doctor - it does make all the difference :)

  8. Aloha Mark, so glad you stopped by, means a lot. :-)


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