Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple ways to meditate for less stress - Promote harmony, serenity and tranquility

For a person like me who tends to have an unsteady mind but would like to practice meditation, it does not come easy, I can become disinterested quickly or sidetracked at a drop of a dime because I easily get scrambled and racing thoughts. So simply sitting in a spot, in a particular position and humming or visualizing the blues skies and clear beaches does not do it for me.

Luckily, I have found other ways to practice meditative techniques that help me achieve the same benefits as some may with your traditional methods of meditation. I suppose many have different reasons for meditation, my sole purpose of practicing meditation is for developing a sense of well being, reduce stress and promote relaxation.

As I mentioned earlier it does not come easy for me, so I have incorporated simple ways to achieve meditations that does not involve me using high levels of concentration or immobility, which I can also implement in my day to day activities, below I have listed five simple ways that I meditate.

Behold and admire the beautiful things – Sitting on a park bench exploring the sites and beauty of nature, while listening closely to the birds hum, the squirrels climb the trees or the pedals being pushed by the happy children on their bicycles. All of this can easily bring one to a level of tranquility and appreciation for life.

Even more relaxing, spreading a sheet on the green grass, lying in a comfortable position where you can breathe in the fresh air and the crisp clean fragrance of the grass, leaves and flowers around you, releasing the pressures of life and experiencing serenity.

Walking by spectacular views – Practically every city and town has an area with awesome views such as the ocean, beaches or skylines. These are wonderful places to spend a mere ten minutes walking by or even stretching your muscles while mentally embracing some of the wonders of the world. This particular tip has helped me remove chaotic thinking and bring me back to a simpler state of mind.

House hold chores – My house hold chores, I either love’m or hate’em, so I figured why not make good use of them. Repetition can take you into a meditative state, so chores such as folding clothes, rearranging closets or cupboards can actually help you relax, for me, it works better when I have soft music on. Focusing on a task helps me with attentiveness and keeps me in the moment plus relaxes me.

In your neighborhood – Mister Rogers said “who are the people in your neighborhood” I like to say “what are the things in your neighborhood”. Taking brisk walks around your very own neighborhood on a lovely day, looking at the pretty homes and gardens can be quite serene. When ever I can remember, I bring a camera along to take pictures of things such as pretty fences or even a leaf falling upon a brick.

Prayer and harmonious reading – Whether you are sitting on your sofa, lying down on your bed or on the train riding into the city, a prayer of your choice can help you reach a meditative state. Repetition of a prayer often helps me relax and become worry free. Usually, after I meditate with prayer I like to take a few minutes to breathe in and out while focusing on a different area of my body one by one and releasing tension from each part. For those who prefer to use a mantra that works well too, as well as reading a book on poetry or a topic of your choice, just as long as the topics promote harmony.

There you have it my five simple ways to meditate. If you would like to share your simple meditative techniques please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to read about them.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post although, I have to admit I am not a big household chores kinda guy, but I do find that taking walks by the beach relaxes me.

  2. Hi Mick, Not many are with the household chores which is fine, that one grew on me, than I eventually learned how to incorporated in a positive way. I'm glad to read you take strolls by the beach sounds beautiful and yes, relaxing.



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