Saturday, July 7, 2012

Living a healthy lifestyle when dealing with depression – Different ways, tips and ideas

Not everyone wants to resort to medication as a source of treatment when they first begin to experience symptoms of depression, in my opinion and experience, there are plenty of good treatments available, there are also alternatives such as a change of lifestyle which can help reduce those symptoms. Individuals who currently are on a medication treatment and in therapy with a licensed mental health provider can also benefit from a positive, healthier change of lifestyle.

Here I have listed some tips on different things you can do to help minimize the symptoms of depression.

Simplicity has many rewards

In this age of modern technology, meeting deadlines, and striving to stay on top of the game, many of us are losing ourselves and forgetting what the true meaning of life is, this can contribute to stress which in return can become depression. Lowering our expectations and taking very much needed reprieves is useful in maintaining mental stability, try to keep your projections and expectations simple, this does not mean we can’t dream big, it just means we take it a day at a time and sometimes one moment at a time. Many of us tend to always expect big and if we receive small then we get sad, full of anxiety and stressed, you can still be positive and keep expectations simple.

Building self esteem 

Sometimes individuals who are experiencing symptoms of depression often feel like they have not accomplished much or they tend to focus on past failures. A great way to boost self esteem is to get involved in things that will lift your spirits, expand your knowledge and make you look forward to your future such as registering for a class in something that you have always wanted to learn, not only will it make you feel good but in will also add to your resume. Join a class at your local botanical garden or City Park where you can socialize with other’s while at the same time develop a new hobby. Book clubs have become quite popular over the past decade, they are a great way to improve your mind and get involve in mind stimulating discussion.


Laughing is a fantastic way to feel better and reduce feelings of sadness. There are many things that can make you laugh and you don’t have to look hard, You Tube has a great category on TV bloopers, I personally love them and they help kick up those feel good endorphin's. Build yourself a selection of comedy DVDs at home so that you can slip one in the DVD player when you are feeling down, invite a friend out to a comedy club they are always fun and certainly a place to laugh and share good times.


Exercise stimulates brain activity while helping you stay in good shape, it assists in maintaining overall good health such as weight control, balance immune system, and helps achieve a more restful night sleep. All of which is essential in minimizing depressive symptoms. Diverse forms of exercise include daily twenty to thirty minute walks, membership at a local gym, dance class or take up yoga. A sport is also ideal for getting exercise into your routine, check with your local YMCA for swimming sessions or other sports. Many state parks offer free nature walks, read your local community paper or browse your internet to explore your many options.


A change in eating habits has been known to help minimize many symptoms linked to mental and physical health disorders. Make an appointment with a nutritionist to help guide you in choosing the best and healthiest nutritional plan for you.

 Socialization and companionship 

Share your feelings about your depression with others as well as what may be going on in your life in recent times, ask for their suggestions, stay open minded. Keep in regular contact with your loved ones and friends; engage in healthy activities with them so that you do not become isolated. Activities can be as effortless as having a cup of coffee, going for a walk or to the cinema to watch a film or just sitting on a park bench chatting and taking in the fresh air.

Identifying, as well as, tackling the symptoms of depression as soon as you feel them coming on, can help deal with and move past them with more ease. People suffer from depression in different degrees, best things to do is discover your options, join a support group of people who share the same concerns, consider speaking with a mental health professional, get informed and share your concerns with another person, never suffer alone. There are plenty of ways to overcome and ease the feelings of depressions reach out and explore them.

And remember to discuss your physical and mental concerns, such as symptoms of depression with a medical professional before taking any advice so that you can make the appropriate decisions concerning your well being.



  1. For me is laughing the key and exercise helping me dealing with depression!
    very interesting post.


  2. Hi Llvana, thank you for visiting. Laughter is always good and feels good:)


  3. Really innovative post to reduce the Depression for a healthy lifestyle which we have to pretend well, Thanks for sharing.


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