Monday, May 28, 2012

" Just snap out of it " Phrases like these can be harmful.

"Just snap out of it!" How many times have you heard that phrase during your lowest depressive moments? Me, unfortunately, heard it a few times during the course of what I like to call my anesthetized bouts of depression, and I can tell you that it is one of the most insensitive things you can say to a person when they are in the mist of emotional despair.

Aside from it being insensitive, it can also be dangerous, intensifying the persons depressive symptoms and keeping them from not only ever confiding in those who say such things but also keep them from reaching out to others for the fear that they may also have the same reaction.

But, still as unfair and just plain awful  it is to hear other say things like that, I do understand why most would think it is that easy. A lack of knowledge, the stigma attached to mental illness, and the complexity of the symptoms can easily make one think the depressive person can “just snap out of it."

If you know a person who is suffering from depression the best thing you can do is be there for them and show them that you care. Listen to what they have to say, suggest to them to seek professional treatment, if they have not already done so; support them by going to a few of their doctor appointments.

Remain in communication with them, do not assume just because they say that they want to be left alone or not be bothered, that the person may not need companionship or a phone call every now and then. Depressed individuals often are or seem uninterested, but still encourage them to engage in activities such as a going to the theater to watch a movie or a simple walk in the park. If their response is no then perhaps suggest visiting and renting a movie at their home.

Support and companionship is very important in a person’s life, especially when they are suffering an emotional battle. Although, many times they will refuse and avoid it, I suggest baby steps, do not come on too strong, but be attentive and remember the little things we do, can sometimes go a long way.

Despite the harsh phrases I was subjected to listening to, I also was fortunate to have acquaintances who during those difficult times, gave me inspirational books and gifts of encouragement, many of those books were memoirs and stories of people who experienced similar things and were able to overcome them. And some of the other gifts were as simple as a frame or a piece of jewelry that symbolized hope. Those things I held very close to my heart and still do.

If you have a friend or know someone that is showing signs of clinical depression, support them anyway you can and remember to never use phrases such as "just snap out of it."

Awareness and knowledge is very important in dealing with complex and sensitive illnesses such as depression. The more knowledge we have on certain topics the more helpful we are to ourselves, friends, family and even society as a whole.

For more information on depression and other illnesses or disorders, please visit my resource page.
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  1. I think people have wrong picture about mental illness and lack of informations. Many of us are not aware that type of problems are in almost every corner. From depression, anxiety, stress and so...

    1. Hi Personal Growth, yes, I agree. Thank you so much for visiting!


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