Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Therapy session

I had a session with my therapist today, it has been a while since I have seen her, but due to my dad’s recent passing I figured it would not hurt, and it didn't. She asked me how I have been doing since dad passed away, she recalled him and I being close.

She also asked how I have been holding up with my symptoms of depression. I told her that I have been feeling sadder than usual since losing my dad and that the change of season along with family conflicts did not seem to be helping the situation much, she agreed and felt that given what has taken place, my feelings and emotions were indeed quite normal.

Like the good therapist she is, she let me rant non stop on what had taken place these past two months and if felt good to just let it all out. What I really like about my therapist is that she always shares a bit about her past experiences, sort of just to let me know that I’m not alone and she responds to my rants with an understanding and comforting tone.

Next week I have another appointment with her, although she did not insist upon it, at the end of today’s session we automatically set out to fit one in our schedule, and that is fine with me, because there might be some work to be done especially since losing my dad has been one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever experienced in my life. Her suggestions have always made a difference on how I have approached situations and circumstances so therapy sessions right now should be helpful, I hope.  


  1. That's great keep up taking your therapy sessions and this will surely seem good enough to see change in yourself.anxiety therapist irvine

  2. Never hurts to continue therapy for awhile ~ Good to see you here at the Sunday Blog hop! ~ thanks, Carol ~ (A Creative Harbor) linked w/ Sunday Blog Hop ~ ^_^

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