Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taking time out to rejuvenate, relax and re-energize

We all have those days that are busier than others. Days where our schedules are filled with appointments, dead lines, engagements etc, and in between it all we wonder how on earth we will ever find that moment of peace or relaxation where we can take a breather and find the energy to continue running our errands and completing our tasks.

It is very important, not only for our health, but also for our mental stability to take time out to rejuvenate,re-energize and recharge. If you are running around non stop from place to place consider making a 20 minute pit stop at home and take a power nap. If you’re are in your office putting in extra hours, try to step away from your desk and find a spot where you can have a little time for peace. Even if you’re in your car, you can pull over to a quiet spot and have some quiet time.

keep in mind that those minutes you take to rejuvenate will actually help you perform better during the rest of the day.


  1. Great suggestion, 20 minutes of quiet time a day sounds heavenly! ;) Debbie

  2. Thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays,great post :)

  3. Thank you Clairjustine for hosting!


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