Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Practicing what I preach

Besides doing my part in breaking the stigma attached to mental illness, sharing my personal experiences about clinical depression and anxiety, I also and sincerely like to help others, and in return I recieve a wondrous gift of helping myself in the process.

Inspiring others to do the best they can despite adversity and hardship, illnesses and tribulation motivates me to continue to do the same. It widens my road of recovery and healing while another begins their journey of recuperation. 

When I hear the words I speak or read the words I write, it helps me take a look at how I’m living my life. In other words, am I practicing what I preach?



  1. Practicing what you preach. I think that's a saying to definitely live by. It's important to know what you're saying and to make sure that you live by everything you say!!! Great post!

  2. Thank you Jen for stopping by and commenting. :-)


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