Saturday, September 24, 2011

Overcoming and fighting depression, putting in the foot work

There are some mornings after having my coffee, when I can feel it sinking in, my depression. I play with the thoughts of just crawling back into bed, pulling the sheets over my head and dwindling off to that place, the place of fear, sadness and irrational thinking, but that is just too darn scary, I don’t like it there, did my time, I will not entertain it.

So, I walk to the mirror, take a good look, say to myself “I won’t let it take me down“ then I open my draw take out a pair of jeans, get my tops and bare essentials, grab my towel and adjust the water temperature. After washing away the eerie feelings, I get dressed; open my blinds, let the sunshine in, and open my door smile at the sky.

Seriously, this is what I do on those mornings where I feel the horrid, depressive cloud hovering above my head. It is in ongoing process, I am not exempt from falling back into the dark pit. I am a work in progress, but in order to progress, I have to continue to put in the foot work.


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  2. I know what you mean. I have been there and have overcome! Visit my blog I pray that you would find hope there. Keep your head up!


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