Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quote on depression

I have much identification with this quote and there was a time, I lived it practically everyday. Today I understand it quite well.

"Blues like this lives out of sight of the world, I think. It seems more of a solid organic mass than a mood that can blow away or be lifted. It lies there and says, Go ahead, try to budge me. ... Blues like this doesn’t have ears. It can’t be disturbed. It has nothing to do with sadness or even grief—which at least are imaginable emotions." –Michael Greenberg, Hurry Down Sunshine



  1. Beautiful quote and I can definitely relate to it. :-)

    I am still on anti-depressants right now and I know how difficult this illness is.

  2. Ah...yes...some days are thick and slow..yet others are filled with light.


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