Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feelings of depression and anxiety - Not good to keep them inside

It is not good to keep certain emotions inside, especially feelings of sadness, worries, fears or negative thoughts. One of the reasons I love blogging is that while I get to meet like minded people and help spread mental health awareness, It also helps me share my feelings and not keep them bottled up inside.

My experience has been, that by keeping them to myself it has actually intensified my feelings thus, making them more difficult to deal with.

Sharing them helps me understand, make sense of the emotions as well as lessen the stress. "Feeling are not facts," We have heard this time and time again, and for the most part this is true, for example in the past I have learned by sharing with other's that many of my fears were unrealistic and then, there were times when I thought that my unfortunate circumstances would remain the same until I was reminded that I have options, and I did.

When you keep feelings of unease and emotional discomfort inside, it can cause anxiety, stress and depression so it is very important to share them with someone, a relative, friend, support group, social network or therapist.


  1. Well said... feelings can be deceptive.. they are more based in our bodies than we realize. If we are tired, hungry, ill... It's good to have a person to bounce ideas off of for perspective.. or even a journal helps.

  2. Hey Madison!

    You described the main reason I love blogging so much. Great advise to let those feelings out in whatever way is comfortable.

    Have a wonderful week . . . Gina

  3. Thank you Cori and Gina, pleasure having you stop by and read my post!

  4. How true ~ Great post ~we are all a 'work in progress' and as long as one is 'paying attention' and in the 'Now" ~ life is good. I find I have 'to listen' to 'my own writings on my blog' ~ LOL ~ And take myself lightly! hugs ^_^

  5. I'm with you. We should never keep feelings bottled up. It never gets better!
    Stopping by from BlogFrog and following you! (Discussion: "Let's follow each other!")

  6. Feelings are not facts. I like that. I haven't heard that before. I'd do well to remember it when my anxiety cranks up. I agree about blogging. It allows us to research our feelings and understand ourselves better. Exploring our feelings enables us to figure out which are facts. Nice post, Madison.

  7. Hi Stephanie, thank you! That one is a favorite of mine.:)


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