Thursday, May 26, 2011

There's No Stigma to Having a Mental Illness

The prejudice and discrimina­tion that exist against people with mental illness is clearly a problem that needs to be urgently addressed. Stigma is not dead; it is precisely the social disapprova­ls and distorted reactions from the ignorant public of indiviuals with mental illness that creates the prejudice and injustice that, than aides in causes such as homelessne­ss and incarcerat­ion.

The Committees behind the Medicaid policies and medical care laws clearly have a false and misinterpr­eted view on the mentally ill, and as long as this view remains stigma is and will be very much alive. We must continue to fight to break the stigma attached to mental illness in order to have a fighting chance against the public policies.
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  1. Well said ~ Despite being in the year 2011 ~ we still have a loooooong ways to go ~ the Human Condition ~ We are all children of the universe and all important and need to be treated with respect and dignity ~ ^_^

  2. There is a article that ties directly into what you are saying about organizing a structure to assist mental health suffers and the mentally ill and providing them with a means of intervention.
    They point out that self-stigmatization is just as harmful as sociological, and are working on developing what they term "Narrative Enhancement Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (NECT)", which is aimed at giving people with a mental illness the necessary tools to cope with the "invisible " barrier to social inclusion - self-stigma.

  3. Hi Jen, thank you for providing the link, seems like an article I would like to read.


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