Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is he cheating on me or is he depressed?

Is he cheating on me or is he depressed?

There are many signs and symptoms associated with depression; it is common for some individuals to mistake them for something else other than a condition and illness, especially by those who are not familiar with the symptoms.

I have had women share stories with me on how they were ready to end their marriages over the assumption that their spouses were cheating on them, mainly because of the lack of knowledge in identifying the symptoms of depression.

In my experience, I have found that men in particular can feel quite misunderstood, especially in the area of mental illness. These men displayed their symptoms of depression in forms of anger, physical ailments and erratic behaviors. They were afraid of talking to others about what they thought in their mind to be signs of weakness, so instead of seeking help, they engaged in compulsive activities and dangerous risk taking, very much like a teenager would.

Listed below are 5 signs of depression, which may seem as if your man is cheating on you.

Over spending. Often time’s depressed people tend to splurge on material things in order to fill an empty void. If any, a temporary solution, that can set off a vicious cycle.
  Seems as if- He is spending his money on other women. Going to lavish restaurants and buying extravagant gifts.

Feeling restless and/or irritable. There is usually a whirlwind of unfamiliar emotions that accompany depression making it confusing and difficult to deal with.
 Seems as if – He is trying to find an excuse to stir up an argument with you because that would give him reason to walk out and spend time with another woman or he is consumed with thoughts of the another woman.

Having no energy or loss of interest. A common symptom in people experiencing depression.
  Seems as if- He has no interest in you, always replying no to invitations that involve family activities or alone time with you, also, when he is home, tends to lay around in a daze. All along you’re thinking he has another woman on his mind.

Using alcohol or drugs to feel better. Common with some sufferers of depression, a temporary escape that can get out of control and only deepen the depression.
  Seems as if - He is out going to parties and bars, having a good time. Most nights he comes home drunk.

Sexual inability. This accompanies the loss of interest in things that sometimes people with depression experience.
  Seems as if- Your man has been engaged in sexual activity with another woman or may be interested in doing so. This has caused him to not have sexual desire for you. No longer finds you attractive.

Depression is a very serious condition, one that should be handled with care and compassion. If you think your significant other is suffering from symptoms of depression, take the time to get educated on the topic and consider advising him to seek professional guidance.


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  2. What great information - very true. I never even thought about how something like overspending can sometimes be misperceived as cheating. Really informative - thank you!

  3. Thank you ladies:) @shana, I couldn't locate your fb page.

  4. Wow great post! I did not know the symptoms for depression could fool someone into believing their husband was cheating on them. Good info to know.
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  5. Hi Shanae, I know of at least two women who's husband's displayed some of these behaviors and at first they actually thought they were being cheated on. Eventually they found out that thier husbands were having a difficult time dealing with depression. Thank you so much for visiting me.:) You have a lovely blog!

  6. Great job, you've helped me so much and I am so glad I have chosen your service.


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