Thursday, April 14, 2011

A brisk walk is good for the mind

Today I was thinking how wonderful this weather is for a walk. I believe a brisk walk is good in almost any weather, but as a reminder for those who are having a bit of a difficult time dealing with depression or anxiety and are just not feeling much like doing anything, take advantage of these beautiful spring days. And yes, I know that when a person is caught up in depressive symptoms that can be easier said than done. But, it doesn't hurt to try, a little push goes along way.

Two of the symptoms associated with depression is low energy and a lack of interest in things that would normally attract those who are not suffering from depression. So many who are feeling down might not be interested in what the weather is like. It is important for these people to try thier best to motivate themselves, and sometimes baby steps are the best way to begin.

A nice spring day is a good day to utilize these baby steps, if even for a short brisk walk. And remember if symptoms of depression or anxiety are becoming to much to bear, consider speaking with a doctor and getting a support network.


  1. I just wish it would be warmer here. It is sunny but windy and cold here today.

    I like to walk but sometimes that is when my anxiety takes over. My mind is free to wander into places it shouldn't.

  2. Jen, thank you so much for reading and commenting:)


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