Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stop being weak and be strong

There are many phrases that a person should not say to someone who is suffering from depression. One of them is “Stop being weak and be strong.” Well, as a person who has suffered from depressive symptoms, I can tell you that a phrase like that one is not going to make a person feel better; it might even make them feel worse. So, it is very important to watch what you say or how you say things to a person who might be reaching out for help.

If there is someone you know who is experiencing symptoms of depression, it is important for you to be there for them and listen to what they have to say. Sometimes lending in ear and being supportive is one of the most caring things you can do for that person.

Also, offering your companionship can make a difference in the depressed person’s life, many times individuals who are feeling depressed can also be suffering from loneliness, if possible invite the person out to a movie, perhaps brunch, or a walk in the park, whatever you think might interest the person and make them feel better.

These days in many cities there are support groups available for people experiencing depression. You can mention this to the person and offer to do some research on the internet as to what might be available in their area, at the same time there are many sites that can offer you insight into the symptoms associated with depression, make yourself knowledgeable and encourage the person to do the same.

Symptoms of depression can range from mild to severe. Here are some of the symptoms a person experiences when going through depression:

- Weight gain or loss of weight, extremely fatigued, loss of interest in day to day activities, a constant feeling of sadness, suicidal thoughts, loss of concentration, isolation, bouts of crying.

Again, if you know someone who is experiencing these symptoms, be supportive and listen to them. Do not be quick to assume that they are weak and if they put their mind to it, and be strong they can beat this.

Feelings such as the one’s mentioned above can be very delicate to deal with therefore, it can be a process to overcome these symptoms. But, with the right support, friends and companionship they can learn how to deal with the depression, as well as begin to feel better about themselves and the environment around them.


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  2. Your post is true. I could tell that I was slipping back down the depression slope because all those symptoms came back. I wish some friends of mine had known this, I would have had a better week last week.

  3. Great post. I agree with you. "Do not be quick to assume that they are weak" because we are not in their shoes, and we do not know how they feel.Being a good listener will help alot.
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  4. Great ideas... having witnessed and experienced depression several times in my life, I couldn't agree more with your suggestions.

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  6. Wow, never thought of it that way. I have never experienced depression - although I have been sad from time to time, but somehow I snap out of it. But right now I have a dear friend (known for 34 years already) who sounds like she is going through this. I know she is on meds...and we are forever on the phone, she cries alot...she just lost her mom, co-owns the house with a brother who wants to sell, so she is upset where she will live, very stressed at work (thinking of retiring) and I feel like I want to do more for her...she is forever thanking me for listening to her - I have even invited her to spend a weekend by me...I am fearful for her being so unhappy all the time....

  7. Thanks for posting this. I think it is so important. People who have never struggled with depression can't understand, but need to try. It is just a confusing hopeless place, I have been there several times in my life. Thank you again, and for popping into my blog!

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  9. Excellent post on depression. So many people are silent sufferers. Following you from MBC. Nice to meet ya! :o)

  10. Madison, what a wonderful post. I went through a couple of deep depression phases and I'm much better now but those were very dark days. I look forward to more posts. Thanks for stopping by my site at http://reflectandrealize.blogspot.com. It's great to meet you! ~Your newest follower, Alfie

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  12. A post that has brought tears to my eyes. I can definately relate to depression and will say this you feel as if the WORLD is against you and your all alone. Anyway I found you on MBC and I am now following you would you please check out my blog and return the follow when you get a chance.


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  16. Wonderful post ;)
    It's such a great thing to be there for someone and just listen.


  17. I tread closely, and admittedly slip into depressions from time to time. I suppose being an artistic person makes me more succeptible. Whatever the reason, I appreciate this post and agree with what you've written.

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  18. Excellent blog post. I wish i had seen this 2 years ago.

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  20. Visiting from for the love of blogs fun post. I can see why this is a favorite post. I think depression affects so many people, yet so many don't know how to support a depressed person, or even know what to look for!

  21. This is a good explanation to folks. If you like, you should read a page on my blog (taken from elsewhere) that I think sums up how people want to be treated when going through a from patch.
    From FTLOB

  22. Thank you shasta, I will be reading your post!

  23. Stopping by from Blog Frog and following. Thanks for sharing your favorite post with me. Mine would have to be: http://www.meyouandcreamedcorn.com/2011/06/feed-clothe-and-love-jesus.html

    You outdid yourself on this post. It's easy for us to place labels on others without truly understanding where they are in life. I teach special education, so I see every day the struggle and heartache of a disorder/disability... God calls us to love people right where they are without judgment and condemnation.

    Thanks for your efforts on this one!


  24. Thank you Marisa, for your kind comment.


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